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Cheryl Pascual

Aloha! My Husband Pas and I welcome you to Paradise!

From Here to Eternity...We love LOVE! 


Cheryl has been living in Hawaii for over 50 years.  After college she moved to Waikiki during the Viet Nan War and fell in love with the islands.  She flew for Aloha Airlines, which helped to become familiar with all the islands!! She left Hawaii for awhile and traveled through Europe for a year, then back to the islands for a few more years, before she left again to  live in Australia for a year!  She believes "travel’’ is the best education one can acquire, with the many experiences one has while traveling.


Returning to the islands in 1977 and meeting the ‘’love of her life’’ in 1980  she moved from Oahu to the Big Island of Hawaii where her husband was born & raised. He is a singing Hawaiian cowboy ~ A beautiful Musician and one they call the "Horse Whisperer’’ as he breaks horses with love, talking to the horse and explaining what he is doing with patience and has tremendous success!!  With his beautiful singing voice, he sings at many weddings  Cheryl officiates…usually The Hawaiian Wedding Song, Over the Rainbow and many more romantic beautiful songs through the evening. 


Cheryl has experienced many different ‘’JOBS’ in her lifetime  and in 1989  more less ‘’fell into the wedding business."  In 1995 she became a ordained minister and has had the privilege of  marrying  thousands of couples from all over the world.  She absolutely LOVES being able to be ‘’on the beach at sunset.. or sunrise, which ever they chose’’ watching the love ooze from each couples as they express their love for one another!    She usually has them up to her ranch for a BBQ so they can see the way locals live.   With 4 horses and 8 dogs, the couples love to come up to receive the ‘’animal energy’’  as they are missing their animals while traveling.

Many come back to have the vows renewed.   One couple she married, then renewed their vows at 5 years, AND again at 10 years.  They say they are coming back for 15!!


Marriage is such a sacred union, and because Cheryl herself has such a FABULOUS HAPPY MARRIAGE of  over 30 years, she is able to embody the essence of what makes a marriage work.  

Learning the Hawaiian Culture , learning to RESPECT the Aina (land),  and  learning about Mana (the essence of spiritual power),  she teaches her couples, through her ceremony and the friendship,  as much about the Hawaiian Culture as she is able to  fit into her ceremony!!!  


There is a VERY SPECIAL reason that people fall in love with Hawaii.   We have something called the  ‘’ALOHA SPIRIT.’’  It does not exist anywhere else , and the best way to explain it in a few words is...

Unconditional love, putting others first,  sincerely caring about each other and the animals , keeping life ‘’simple’’ and sooo much laughter!! :>)


Being a ‘’marriage counselor”  she finds  the couples will often  call  her long after the ‘’honeymoon’’ is over for advice.   She teaches the simples truths of the "law of attraction,’’ to be your BEST self, ‘’attitude is  everything,”  Take Responsibility for your actions, don’t blame each other, and above all, APPRECIATE one another & EXPRESS yourselves…….. make it FUN to share your thoughts & feelings!!!! and  something  Hawaiians do SOOO well…. Is……..laugh more!!

So if you are planning a ‘destination wedding’ or would like to renew your vows,  head to the Big Island, after checking out her website at  and have the ‘’experience of a lifetime’’  filled with LOVE, ALOHA,  FUN & LAUGHTER .  You can’t go wrong!

ALOHA We welcome you to Paradise!

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