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Ms Rhea

Ms Rhea, often referred to as the “southern psychic”, is a 3rd generation psychic. Growing up in the hills of Kentucky, her gifts became evident at the tender age of 6, when her deceased grandmother appeared before her. As she grew she would ask God for signs in helping her with decision making. As she grew into adulthood, she expanded her spiritual skills and became a Certified Professional Tarot Reader by the Tarot School of New York, became Certified in Usui Reiki healing and a Certified Ghost Hunter.

Before each reading, Ms Rhea grounds and meditates before asking God, the angels and guides to use her as a vessel, allowing the info needed to come through. She often states she is just a messenger and the information flows through her and not FROM her.

Ms Rhea has over 30 years as a professional psychic using the gifts of clairvoyancy (seeing), clairsentience (feeling) clairaudient (hearing) and channeling to work with her clients. She has appeared on The Bio Channel, co-hosted a popular radio program, attended psychic fairs throughout the U.S. and successfully helped in several missing person cases.

A reading with Ms Rhea will help guide, inspire, motivate and enlighten you. It is her goal to see you take your best walk through the school of life!

Healing with Love!