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Medge Jaspan

Positive Psychology Practitioner - Life Coach

In 2009, I left Cannes, France and followed my heart to look for my true calling. I wanted to give more meaning to my life and study Positive Psychology. I had to start all over, learn English as a second language, returned to school to achieve my dream of using Positive Psychology to transform people's journey. 


I completed my undergraduate at Bryn Athyn College and graduate school with a Master degree in Psychology at Columbia University.

I enjoy teaching with a College Prep approach to learning, to empower high school and middle school students. I utilize Positive Psychology tools, and character strengths approach to encourage action and development. My passion is to motivate, inspire, and encourage people to embrace and enjoy their uniqueness.  I help you connect to your highest potential. I guide you to define your weaknesses and transform them into assets. I help you to recognize and develop your strengths to become the powerful YOU!  I encourage you for you to handle daily struggles better and to bring more happiness to your life.


I enjoy traveling, cooking, meeting new people, the beach, and I am in love with life and love.



 I am also a talented self-taught abstract artist. Twenty years ago, after a near-death experience and four months in bed, I began to paint. I am well-known for the healing power of my paintings and their tremendous positive energy. Among many creations,  Le Trophee de la Femme (Cannes, France 2004 -.A Smile for Peace ( book and Conference Cannes, France 2005 ) Art 4 Kids  (Winter Park, Florida 2010).  As a Soroptimist International, I support young women, I donate to Harbor House (Orlando, Florida) to fight women abuse, Adult Literacy (Orlando, Florida) to promote literacy. I had many exhibitions around the world, among some in Fukuoka (Japan), Cannes (France) Winter Park and Orlando (Florida, USA), Philadelphia (PA, USA)and New York City (NY, USA). I am honored to have been paintings around the world.


My real work is to use my enthusiasm and determination to motivate, inspire, and encourage you to embrace and enjoy your uniqueness with love, satisfaction, and serenity. 

 I am committed to helping you unveil your authentic self in order to live a more purposeful and meaningful life.  Work with me to transform your life and create the life you dream about!



Transform your weakness into asset

Strengthen your skills and talents

Feel better in your skin

Enjoy your Life